Licensing IP Business Model

The strategy is protect the Intellectual Property, insulate the application liabilities, and stream royalty and license fees to investors in that order. The Van Cor Threads will license to separate Limited Liability Companies created for a market, an industry, company or a deal.
The process involves finding industry leaders who want to own, control and contribute to their markets. There will be partnerships that include equity in Van Cor Threads.

Patent information

There are five Van Cor Threads: the wave thread TM (patent # 8,858,144 issued 10/14/14), the conic thread TM (patent # 9,080590 issued 7/14/2015), the concentric thread TM (patent # 9,080,591 issued 7/15/2015), and two others in the works. Each one offers unique engineering advantages while maintaining total surface contact. Each of these has a software system to engineer and produce prototypes.
Patent licensing will be through Michael J. Persson, Esq. of Lawson Persson & Weldon-Francke, P.C.; P.O. Box 712, 755 North Main St., Laconia, NH, 03247 Phone: 603-528-0023 Fax: 603-528-3332

Fabrication Notes

Machining of first wave thread metal parts is at Innovative Machine in Winchester, NH.
Hundreds of nuts & bolts, types of pipes and other demonstrations models have been 3D printed; and some molded. Each of the software systems for all five threads outputs 3D stl files.

Meeting with Dale E. Van Cor

Conference phone call: a starting agenda is prefered.
Meeting anywhere in New England preferably over a meal; an agenda is prefered.
On site meeting and presentation, anywhere in the US. Will arrive the day before, a car is preferred. A larger agenda will be prepared to cover as much as possible
Only a few can be scheduled at anytime.
Pilot technology transfer: That is multiple meetings and phone support to get an engineering model made. This will require mutual NDA and licensing agreement. Purpose is a preliminary effort to evaluate cost, market feasibility and value.

Direct contact:; 603/239-4433; 201 South Parrish Road, Winchester, NH 03470